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"The staff at Shaggy's Dispatch Services, LLC have not only effectively managed my truck with a balance of good judgement and cost efficiency, but more importantly, they understand the complex industry and know the process to help me expand my business. Shaggy's a better business partner because they really know the industry's challenges and my business' needs." – Lord Ajmer Owner.
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"Our relationship with Shaggy's Dispatch is very strong because we trust them 100%. They have a great reputation and provide outstanding service!."– Ken, Owner.
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​"This program should be compulsory in every dispatching training school.
Well I am always careful how I use my money and buying a dispatch training program has never seem to me to be a smart idea. However, I am confident that this knowledge you will be getting compare to the price is nothing compare to what it is going to give you in your dispatching career.
  The Shaggy Dispatch School does a great job of explaining how most anyone can learn how to attain a trucking knowledge. His material is both easy to learn and easy to apply in your everyday work as a dispatcher. With trying taking an online dispatching classes doesn’t gave me any knowledge, but coming into class for Shaggy Dispatching training program has changed my life both an income wise and knowledge. The secret of the dispatching is not having the program, but it is in applying the program. Because, the Shaggy Dispatching has gave me the opportunity of doing hands on for all the dispatching materials.
This is a genuinely a beautiful thing, and the miracle is that the material is so wonderfully presented from the beginning and Mr. Shaggy and his team will walk you through step-by-step for all what you need to know about the trucking industry. Because learning from Mr. Shaggy, gave me the opportunity that one of my co-worker and I run from 0 to 17 trucks with in two years. In addition, and his support of consulting me how I will do better both my everyday work and where I can get an equipment and anything else that related to my lovely job never stop. And he always there for me to get support from him.  
Therefore, this is the place you can develop a great dispatcher qualities, and if you ever had in your mind that to be a professional dispatcher this is the right time for straightforward honest learning program and helpful people that will help you along the way like you are one of them. So, I highly recommended this School.

If you want to know more about how I learned from Shaggy Dispatching training and how I still receive a consultation support please telephone me at 651-230-0706 Jbouti."

Jbouti Jama “Professional Medical
Terminology and Legal Administrative” (Minneapolis MN).
"When I met Shaggy I was at the end of my rope and on the verge of going out of business. I thought I had a good business plan and knew Trucking. I called Shaggy and went and saw him. He told exactly what I had been through and how to turn things around. One of the few things I did right was listening to Shaggy and following his plan. We did turn things around. I am grateful to Shaggy for all the help and friendship. I think Shaggy could and would help anyone willing to listen and work." 
TD Transportation
"I just wanted to say thank you for being so understanding with me through all that is happening. As you both know we are very new to this business and I literally don’t know what to do at times and really on you expertise and advise. I just wanted you to know that today you showed me, we are working with people of great value. I could only imagine how many drivers you have calling you every day and yet you took from your time to talk to me when I was literally in tears. 

  When I saw the prices of the airline tickets or to rent the car, I panic, and called you because I did not expect it to be so high and without hesitation you picked up the phone and talked to me and helped me come down. I know us woman are a lot more emotional when it comes to this and yet both of you, were very understanding and caring with me and I truly appreciate it. 

  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Aline" (Owner).
Dock to Dock Dry Freight, LLC
My husband had worked as a company driver for several years. We wanted to start up our own trucking company, but the concept of getting authorized and set up was daunting to say the least, so we just stuck with company jobs. Then one day we met an owner-operator who told us about Shaggy's Express. He said that they would hook us up with everything we needed to get our own company started, so we decided to give it a try.

Shaggy got the ball rolling for us fast. He connected us to an entire network of people who handled everything from the paperwork for our authority to dispatching our loads to billing the shippers on our behalf, and he even gave us an Awesome Guarantee. It was the perfect recipe for our success, right out of the box. Just add truck!
​Universal Transport, LLC
It's been a Pleasure working with you. First let me Thank-you for for all that you've done. I can't thank you enough.

I would recommend anyone to you who is interested in starting a trucking company. The information you gave me was informative and i was able to use it immediately.

-Shelton Ray.
Ironshield Trucking, LLC
I went to a Broker school and took a week long course taught by a renowned trucking expert. The goal was to learn how to be a successful Broker/Carrier. It took Shaggy one phone conversation to show me how ridiculous the plan I was about to pursue was. Between him and his associates I invested a fraction of my original budget and my risk has been reduced tremendously. Over a year later I am so thankful that Shaggy took the time to get me off the path to financial ruin. I am very pleased with my company's position.

-Christopher Johnson (919)655-4161
Go With The Flow Trucking
I, Claudia Tymkowicz, am writing this letter to express my gratitude to Shaggy from Shaggy's Express. When I first applied for my MC#, I was bombarded with calls for factoring and other services. When Shaggy called me, he got my attention because his approach was more of a consultant than a sales person. he gained my trust by asking me questions about my business, instead of pitching me any products. Being that I am relatively new to the industry, I began to ask him questions. He relieved my concerns on many uncertain aspects of getting my business stated. He has been very helpful in all aspects and I consider myself lucky for listening to him and following his advice. He has referred me to Steelhead for factoring and fuel card services which I have been extremely happy with. I owe Shaggy a tremendous amount of appreciation and I look forward to continuing to do business with anyone he refers. He has my full trust and respect and I'm happy to have crossed paths with him. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

-Claudia & Walter Tymkowicz (909) 896-7993 & (714) 815-9999
When i first began my trucking business I purchased an online course and was handed dozens of video tutorials which practically wasted my time and money. A few months later i was introduced to Shaggy and he has been the key to us not giving up on our business. Shaggy invited us to come for 2 days of onsite training and the experience was incredible. Shaggy spent hours teaching us the keys to success and how to truly grow our trucking business. He practically gave us his office for hours as he allowed us to make phone calls to various brokers and we also booked our very first load. On top of that, Shaggy gave us contacts for equipment, showed us how to work loadboards, etc. If you're serious about your business then i would highly recommend you give Shaggy Express a call immediately.

-Carlos & Samantha Thomas (901) 870-2743
Myriad Trucking LLC
Guys Transportation Services LLC
The paths we travel in life are defined by the personnel connections and build on the foundations, friendships and networks we are invited into. Though hard work, persistence and maintaining a high level of personnel ethics people will find value in you. I found Shaggy's after placing 300 phone calls a day. A gentleman referred me to Shaggy and told me that he would add value to my life venture.

I was obtaining my CDL at IVY Tech, called Shaggy's and we made a appointment. I left school and drive 2 hours to meet with him. It was 830 P.M and he introduced me to a team of professionals that have been instrumental in guiding me through the process of opening my company. We visited for two hours putting me back home at 0130hrs with CDL test right around the corner. It has been one of those "Once in a lifetime encounters". His network of professionals has been beyond my expectations. I obtained CDL on Thursday, Received my LLC on Friday, Monday received my EIN/Tax number and filed for my authority. I am currently obtaining my truck and trailer. If you ever had a desire to improve your business or open your own, you need to contact Shaggy. I look forward to having a lifelong friendship and a team of caring, honest and professionals behind me. It is not just a business, its real people that care about you and your life. They want you to succeed in life. Thank you Shaggy's I will always be a part of your team and I believe good people will always move forward and surround themselves with successful people. 

-Guy Davies (317) 501-2239
USA Transport
Ok honestly I don't where to start. Me and my husband were trying to open up the trucking company but honestly didn't know how and where to start with all the paperwork that's needed! I got referred to Shaggy Express and just gave him a phone call. That phone call changed everything. He helped me from A-Z ....For FREE!!! Wow I couldn't believe that there are still good people out there like Shaggy that want to help people to succeed and not charge a penny! If you are in the same position and want to succeed please call him he will guide you through everything. Thank you Shaggy and we are glad to have you by our side. 

 -Dina (720) 253-4033   
PK Express Transport

I was at first, skeptical of placing my new company in the hands of a guy named Shaggy. After the first few weeks I could see the positive changes in the way I was ran. This person has exceeded all expectation and his helpful advice has grown my company faster than I believe I could have done for myself. My advice is to give him an honest try and you will see as I did the benefits of a professional business like this that will keep the rubber on the road and money in your pocket.

Thank you Shaggy and your staff for everything! 

-Patrick Goodwin