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"Thank you! For being a Partner In Hope."

By becoming a Partner in Hope, our monthly contribution is a gift of hope for the children of St. Jude, who dream of a life free from cancer.
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Proud Member Since 2008.

"​The number of members in the Association allows OOIDA to continue representing the nation's small business truckers. Our large membership gives us the financial depth to hang on for the long haul in court cases. Our large membership gives us 'weight' when it comes time to let Washington, D.C., know how truckers feel about their industry. If you're a member, thank you for your continued support. If you're not a member, do the right thing" -- join!
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At Shaggy's Express, LLC, we are proud to have the ability to aid and donate for others in need. Our contributions to the community and nationally recognized commitments help show that we're a premier business partner.

Business Associates since 2001

In using Drivers Legal Plan in the past as drivers, the owners of Shaggy's Express, LLC are proud to state that they recommend their service to any driver that asks.  The attornies associated with this company are worth more than is charged as they keep drivers doing what they do best -- driving.
Check out our old Billboard that was located on I-70 in Indiana!
YMCA sponser since 2011.

Here at Shaggy's Express, LLC, we promote healthy living and all those things associated to keeping everyone, including kids, active.  We've been donating to the YMCA to help the community live long and strong!
Shaggy's Express,  LLC is proud to donate to Tumbles Gymnastics. A local business to Brazil, IN with a lot of heart. The owner of Tumbles goes above and beyond for her girls and we're glad to have donated to help those achieve their dreams.
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